For most of the carefree travellers, involving a travel company with their strict procedure on the visiting places may not be your cup of tea. You most probably would consider hiring a car instead, although this seem interesting it might come with a share of its discomforts, like getting on the wrong side with the traffic because you are travelling on the wrong side of the highway. Here is a list of things you should have;                                                                       

Driver’s Silence

A valid driving license is a crucial necessity in any country whether in Europe or a state in the United States. The international driving permit has its license translated into ten different languages. The legal driving age abroad is very crucial and authorities are always looking out for lawbreakers. Therefore, if you have teenagers planning on taking selfies behind the wheel, be certain to abide by the laws as well. Mostly, teens under the age of eighteen are not allowed to drive.


  In case you are planning to use a rental car, always plan concerning your insurance coverage. Look into insurance tips regarding rental cars for detailed information. For example, the United States recommends all drivers intending or practically driving abroad secure insurance coverage similar to theirs. Every country has its insurance policies therefore, practically differs regionally or from country to country. Unless having international insurance coverage, then you are subject to the demands of the nation you intend to drive in.

Road Rules

A stereotype associated with driving abroad is that one can do as much of driving habits as one does at his homeland. Although one may not be so careless, there are regulations and details on driving abroad that may not occur to us. It is most common that one drives on the left lane of all roads in the UK, but little are people aware that the western region has the same blood- alcohol limit as the United States. The limit in the UK is at 0.08% while that of Sweden and Norway is at 0.02% making it 75% lower than that of the United States. Since alcohol drinking limits differ from country to country, a one-hour alcohol beverage drink at a restaurant in Minneapolis is still legal to allow someone behind the wheel. To get behind the wheel in Barcelona, you need a third of such a beverage drink whereas you need a mere less than a quarter of such to drive in Stockholm. This is a very important, as my friend from London was on the wrong side of the road when here in the US and decided he needed to go the the local Lowes hardware store.


Another requirement while driving abroad is a seatbelt. Lack of such crucial necessities calls upon immediate fines or penalties as per road regulations within a given state. Countries such as France and Spain are well known to render fines on the spot if caught without a seat belt. Other parts of Europe requires one to drive on the right-hand side, hence, it is important for one to have sources  of information about road safety rules governing other nations . Knowing about this, helps one know when encroaching a different set of road regulations while driving.

Road etiquette

 A few other laws and customs that would get on your and land you into trouble are honking your horn aimlessly. It is advisable to use flashlights rather than honking a car horn while giving a directive such as overtaking ensuring that indicators are out.


Overtaking is another restricted issue while driving abroad, in most highways in the United States overtaking is allowed only under the stated speed limit. Overtaking carelessly would, therefore, see someone handcuffed or else fined. Speed limits are also regulated dependent on whether in the central business district, in the market, on the highway, on the outskirts of a city or in the countryside.

Now that you have read those simple travel guidelines, I look forward to seeing your smiles as you enjoy your perfect ride.


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